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  1. Numb (Acoustic)

From the recording Numb (Acoustic)

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I can't decide, if I wanna take it two ways
Always on my mind I been thinking ‘bout it all day
Do I wanna live
Or do I wanna die?
You can see the pain
If you look deep in my eyes

Why does it always have to be this difficult?
Why do we always need some kind of a miracle?
I just wanna live
And I also wanna cry
I'm finding it hard
I don’t even wanna try

It's a situation
I'm not looking for no obligations
Please I just want some affirmation
Stuck inside a mind I can't escape from

I just can't move on
Move on
I been in this spot for too long
Too long
And I don't care where you came from
Came from
I need somebody cause I'm so numb
So numb

I'm so numb
I'm so numb
I'm so numb
I'm so numb

I wish I could find somebody
To distract me
Someone I can trust
Someone who can set me free
(Set me)
Set me free yeah
I sent a prayer
Cause it ain't fair
I know you’re somewhere