James Bakian's soul-soothing melodies carry a beauty that the music industry has been missing. Singing, songwriting and producing for over a decade, James has grown up speaking the language of music. Now aged 20, the pop-soul artist is beginning to bloom; after much self-discovery and a real maturation of his sound. 

Captivating many with his bold, baritone vocals, James has amassed ½ a million followers across social media platforms, drawing audiences in the millions with his striking covers that demonstrate a hard-hitting but romantic voice. James writes raw and weighted pop songs with influences of soul and r&b surfacing through his vocal acrobatics. His music is heavily emotional and passionate, which is reflective of his personality. 

Aiming to bring the modern music industry back to story-telling that is morally pure in essence, James intends to bring hope and joy into the hearts of everyone who listens to his songs.



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