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James Bakian is a 15 year old London born, musician, singer-songwriter and producer!

"I love everything about music: listening to it, singing , songwriting, producing and performing! I've been singing for as long as I can remember... It's my passion".

So when did it all start? Inspired by Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” movie, James wrote his first song "Oh Baby" when he was just 6 years old!  He began taking piano lessons around age 7 and later he was also keen to learn the drums, eventually persuading his parents to let him have drum lessons too. Then around the age of 10 he discovered Maroon 5  and caught the songwriting bug again! By this time he'd learned to improvise on the keys and his songwriting just seemed to flow. 

Then came the move to secondary school and though he carried on writing music, singing and accompanying himself on the keys, for a while the only audience was his family until his school decided to put on a talent show to raise money for charity. James entered the contest and sang and played his original song “You Did”. Though he was only 12 years old and despite the fact that he was competing against students in the higher years, he won first place! From that day the desire to be a singer-songwriter was firmly established. 

Propelled by his win, he went on to record acoustic versions of 4 of his songs in a recording studio and with the help of his brother, made music videos for each song. The next step was uploading them to YouTube. “You’re Gone” was James’ first YouTube release. And people were very receptive! It was amazing to get such great reactions to his music and the consistently positive response and support he received from his fans inspired him to enter some of his songs into the UK Songwriting Contest 2016. His songs “You’re Gone” and “By Your Side” were both Semi-Finalists in the competition and song “You Did”  and “There She Is” received Commended Entries!

He recorded a couple more originals and those six songs were released together as his first EP "By Your Side" in 2016. This was followed in 2017 with more studio time and working with 3 different producers on six more of his original tracks. The result was his 2017 EP "Unstoppable". By this time James was already starting to produce demos on Logic Pro X and discovered he loved producing as much as songwriting. In fact producing his own "beats" on Logic Pro has opened up a whole new way of songwriting for James. Nowadays he usually produces the beat first which then inspires him to write a top-line melody. All the tracks James has released since the beginning of 2018, he has recorded, produced and mixed himself.

So where next for James? "My dream's to keep singing, writing and producing and for people to love my music! And then one day I'm gonna be doing a world tour..."

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